All workshops are included in the price of admission.

Saturday May 4th 11:45-12:30

Darcy O

Have you ever wanted to see a Medium in action? Join Darcy for an amazing demonstration.

Saturday May 4th 12:45-1:30

BodyTalk - Whole Healthcare  with Cassandra

-Learn a brain balancing technique called Cortices that takes only minutes to implement. 
Get yourself out of fight/flight mode, manage and process stress, relaxation, supports integration and left/right hemisphere connection - essentially is a reset button for the brain. 
-Learn about BodyTalk and how it finds the hidden causes of illness and symptoms by looking at all factors: physical, emotional, environmental, mental and spiritual. 
It is whole healthcare, integrative and unravels the story in which the body is communicating with you. 
Learn about Cassandra Clegg - A Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, practicing since October 2011, and her story behind why she got into this modality, how it has helped her and her family.

Saturday May 4th 1:45-2:30


3 Things every Intuitive Feeling Empath MUST Know to Thrive

What are the 3 Things every Intuitive Feeling type empath (NF) MUST know to thrive in life on earth? 

How does understanding yourself, through your scores on www.16Personality.comassist you in answering this question? 

Why is mindful self care so important to Intuitive Feeling type empaths? 

How does understanding the Circle of Security increase your ability to create safe spaces where you yourself and others can thrive: family, friends, clients, students, co-workers and the like. 

Enter the KivaGarden gate where teaching is a healing modality and Kimber Leigh Kara, MEd, mentors individuals and small groups of sensitive beings through a process of self-discovery and empowerment by strengthening relationships with ourSelves, our communities and the Divine. 

Emerge with increased knowledge of your Individual Worth, greater happiness and stronger relationships.  

NOTE: For a more meaningful experience - take the time to take the quiz on Save the results by e-mailing them to yourself. Bring them with you! 

For more information go to  | Facebook @KivaGarden | Instagram @Kiras.KivaGarden.  

Saturday May 4th 2:45-3:30

Guided Meditation - Julia Horvath

Are you new to meditation or perhaps you are already practicing regularly?  
Either way you are in for a wonderful experience as Julia takes you through the process of guided meditation.  
Sooo worthwhile!

Saturday May 4th 3:45-4:30

Milanese Transformative Company

Dead Celebrity Medium Readings

We all lose a loved one including a celebrity that meant the world to us. Our grief is the same as losing a close loved one. What if you can still contact your favourite celebrity and ask them questions? We can do just that with Medium Isabel Okanese in this fun and engaging medium group reading. Join us as we present questions to Prince, Marilyn Monroe and a mystery dead celebrity. Come prepared and open to the wisdom of your Spirit celebrities. Due to time constraints not all questions can be answered. Isabel is a 6thgeneration psychic Native Seer that’s Oji-Cree from the Turtle Clan and as been communicating with Spirit her whole life. You can find her in her Tipi doing readings and healings at fairs and powwows.

Isabel Okanese

Okanese Transformative Studio
Victoria, BC

Phone: (778) 401-0299

Sunday May 5th 11:45-12:30

Jan Mitchell

Join Jan in a lively discussion about Dolores Cannon's famous Quantum Healing Hypnosis


Sunday May 5th 12:45-1:30

Dava Caldwell - Chanting Class Beadworks

This will be a Mantra Workshop focusing on the Shanti Mantras from the Vedas and Upanishads. Traditionally Mantras opened a line of the symbiotic exchange of attributes associated with specific Dieties. For example, invoking Ganesha could help remove obstacles or calling upon Ma Durga could provide strength. At the very least, we can change our vibration and invoke peace. We can also get very specific and change brain waves. In this session, we will practice Opening and Shanti (Mantras) to begin exploring the sounds and vibrations of a traditional practice, that prepares us to vibrate more openly and therefore, more peacefully grounded in our daily lives.

Sunday May 5th 1:45-2:30

Amy Martyn - Courage to Evolve

Turn off the negative chatter, surrender the ego & learn how to consciously change your vibration!

If you are dedicating this year to YOU to grow and evolve, if you looking for more ways to add patience, love, and happiness in your life, if you are continually on YouTube looking for videos to deepen your connection with your Higher Self & effectively change your vibration to attract more of what you want into your life, you will want to pop in to see this presentation. 

During Amy’s seminar, she will go over the landscape of our spiritual evolutionary journey, why we can sometimes feel stuck, where pain & suffering evolves, and what we can do to step out of living from under the ego and embrace freedom. 

She will be showcasing her newly developed 7-day online program; Peace for a Week - 7 Powerful Practices That Will Change Your Life!  We all struggle with anger, shame, fear, guilt, grief, etc. (the ego) but if we have coping tools on hand (in our back pocket) that we can refer to in a moment when we need it most, it can not only change the vibration within and around us, but also start activating cells, genes and restore our DNA all to work in our favour and allow for health, joy, peace & the excitement for life!  She will also be giving away 1 of the most powerful tools included in the program so that you can walk away with a technique that can instantly bring peace into your life. 

Join Amy in the empowering talk and dive into your Courage to Evolve!

Sunday May 5th 2:45-3:30

Sarah Downy

Akashic Records 101

Have you ever heard mention of 'Akashic Records' and wondered what it's all about?

You can think of the Akashic Records as a 'field of consciousness' -- where everything that ever happened 

is recorded. There you have a personal record book that contains your souls history. 

If you've ever been to see a psychic, it's likely that they were tapping into this field. 

This workshop will be a 45 minute deep dive into what it's all about. 

Sarah will share personal insights and experiences gleaned from working with hundreds of 

clients in the records. Feel free to bring your questions. 

Sunday May 5th 3:45-4:30

Wes Gietz -The Shamanic Path

Where do science, religion, spirituality, and social conscience meet?  This talk will consider the interface and overlap between and among these aspects of life.  I believe that we need to integrate the most mature and progressive elements of all these world views. 

We can do this without losing the strengths of our chosen path.  If we recognize the valuable aspects of other pathways, we will be better able to reach out to people who follow those other pathways rather than seeing them as misguided, or worse, as our enemies. The world needs the love and harmony that are available to us when we meet each other in a good way.

I will offer a simple and powerful ritual to bring us together.