All workshops are included in the price of admission.

Saturday February 16th - 11:30-12:15

*AWE Network

Tapping into Intuitive Energy

We are offering a brief presentation on how to exercise your intuitive and psychic connection to the Universal Matrix with

Dr. Glenda Faye Thornton from the Awe Inspired Network Team of practitioners.


Saturday February 16th - 12:30-1:15

*EcoHuman Health -Bree & Brad Rudner

Energy Medicine: A Successful Way to Rebalance the Body and Promote Deep Healing
When your body suffers illness on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, it becomes out of balance. Fortunately, we all have an innate intelligence that supports balance within the body. Yes, good food, water, supplements, etc. help support body but true healing comes from deep within. 
Symptoms and pain are an indication that something is wrong, not necessarily where the problem is. Most healing modalities focus on treating the symptoms, not the underlying cause, the illness, dis-ease, or pain. Often this is the result of blocked energy or a misalignment of energy. 
Our energetic body goes beyond our physical body and includes our mental and emotional health as well. They expand out into the quantum field, making energy medicine a successful way of moving or rebalancing a person’s energy field. 
Come and learn how you can bring your body back into balance by reactivating the healing and repair mechanisms that we all have naturally.


Saturday February 16th - 1:30-2:15

*Sensitive People in an Insensitive World-Kiva Garden

Making the World Gentler on Empaths by Acknowledging Our Divine Nature and Individual Worth ~ Enter a Circle of Security. Experience Hands that Delight In you as you Explore the World - both internally and externally - as an intuitive feeling type. Discover what it is like to not only Fill Your Cup but also Organize Your Feelings about being a sensitive person in an insensitive world with Wellness Educator Kimber Leigh Kara MEd. With over 10 years of experience as both a Life Compass and a Healer of Healers, Kimber will guide you through a process of Shift Shaping to discover a sense of belonging, self acceptance, and self-knowing when it comes to your Divine Nature and Individual Worth as an Intuitive Feeling type.


Saturday February 16th - 2:30-3:15

*BLISSFUL SOUL HOLISTIC WELLNESS-Heal Your Love Wounds. Changing the patterns in your relationships-Iris Sirianni

Without a strong sense of who you are and an open heart to be vulnerable and trust yourself and others, you invite relationships that never seem to work out, are riddled with challenges.

You attract people who are untrustworthy, flaky, take advantage of you, are clingy and needy, cheat, don't accept you for who you are or are abusive on some level. It leaves you feeling anxious and jealous, develop trust issues, push people away when they get to close, sabotage relationships, over-give of yourself to the point of exhaustion and financial ruin and you settle for someone because it's better than no one, isolate yourself or convince yourself you're better off alone.
In this talk you will discover your pattern and how and why you attract the relationships you do and how to start healing your love wounds.


Saturday February 16th -3:30-4:15


Surviving Life as an Empath.

Do you suddenly feel emotions that don't fit your situation and it overwhelms you? This suggests that you may  be an empathic, which means you pick up other energies and feel them as your own.  It does not have remain a struggle.  This workshop will give you tools to utilize in your daily life and help you feel more balanced.  Tracy, of Awakening The Healer Within will teach you some tools on how to handle and understand these sudden and sometimes confusing emotions.  

Sunday February 17th - 11:30-12:15

*Coldmoon Oils + Enchantments - Julia Freeman

Poppet Magic: Demystified

Join Julia, owner of Coldmoon Oils + Enchantments, creator of ritual tools and lifetime doll lover for a casual discussion on the history and uses of poppets and dolls in magic. She will dispel fears and apprehension of poppets developed through media depictions of voodoo dolls and other misinformation. This light hearted and fun workshop will provide you with a template for creating your own doll for healing and other magical intentions, along with basic colour and herbal guidance


Sunday February 17th - 12:30-1:15

*International Metaphysical Academy -Dr. Anneli Driessen PhD, MCC

Why Study Metaphysics?

Learn why asking questions (the right questions) is so important and key points to thinking critically. Discover why feel-good spirituality or ‘spirit-tainment’ could bedangerous.

We want to inspire curiosity and an ever expanding open mind to learn objectively about Metaphysical knowledge.

With Dr. Anneli Driessen Sunday,

Sunday February 17th - 1:30-2:15

*Nikken- Wynter Langston

Introduction for EEA

The  Power of Energy...,the Good and the Bad...What’s Working  For Us and What’s Working Against Us.

Often we hear people say ‘I have no energy.’

As an Energy Healer, Wynter has been studying the fascinating subject of Energy for 27 years....Energy of  Mind, Body and Spirit.  She focuses on Empowering people to care for their own health, and an important part of this is Energy.

During the Presentation, we will explore what energy is and how to easily boost your energy and truly embrace the power of energy.  We will do fun demonstrations.  You will leave feeling energized as we do an energizing morning exercise.

While the above is a conversation and demonstration about what I refer to as 'good' energy, there is increasing concern and study about the other kind of energy that is harmful to our heath and well being. Wynter recently began studying EMF....ElectroMagnetic Frequencies, also referred to as ElectroMagnetic Radiation. What is it?  Where does it come from?  What are the harmful side effects?  How can we protect ourselves.

We will touch on this subject and you will experience and how to protect yourself..


Sunday February 17th - 2:30-3:15

*The Middle Pillar Exercise and Connecting with Ascended Masters - David  Zunker

David will guide you through a breath and visualizing meditation called The Middle Pillar Exercise, which is an energizing and awareness heightening form, integral to modern ceremonial magic. It has been called a Western Kundalini Yoga. 
You will be provided with symbols and concepts to then make your own inner personal contact with disincarnate intelligences called The Brother and Sisterhood of the Diamond Light


Sunday February 17th - 3:30-4:15

Carolyn Sinclair - Access Consciousness

Performance Anxiety??

Are you a facilitator, speaker, student, actor, singer, artist, presenter, sales person, lover, parent, teacher, athlete, politician…? Anyone who has to speak about anything to anyone?
Banish the stuck, sweaty paralysis and replace it with excitement and "that went surprisingly well".

Using the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®, Right Voice for You facilitator Carolyn Sinclair will introduce you to some fun ways to break through the fear and anxiety that stop you from living your life fully...and with ease, joy and glory!