Meet Laara


Laara will introduce a couple of simple yet powerful HeartMath® techniques that will, in part, help the audience to connect with their Heart, find their center and grounding. Laara will also share symbols from her newly released book, The Little Book of Light Codes, a series of 52 channeled symbols and meditations designed to help humanity heal and advance. During the presentation, the audience will have the opportunity to engage with these symbols, and potentially experience incredible heart opening, and healings on all planes of the physical, mental and emotional levels.

 What can the audience learn and be able to implement without purchasing product/services?

  1.      Learn and practice two HeartMath® techniques from a qualified HeartMath® Certified Trainer

  2.      Be introduced to healing Light Codes which have the power to transform ones life by simply looking at them

  3.      Learn how easy it is to work with Light Codes during the presentation

Cassandra - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner


"This time of year more often than the rest can be brutal for the immune system, even for those with healthy immune systems can be rough.

Or, deadlines of exams maybe, or projects for work are coming to a head before christmas/new years which adds extra stress.

Maybe brain fog feels more like a permanent fog, hard to recall easy things, or headaches?

Maybe muscle aches and pain from sitting at a desk, or if you're like me, working it too hard at dance class and running after a 4 year old!

What if there was a 15 minute routine you could do daily that greatly helps to improve all of the above and you can use for self OR family/community?

Woudn't it be empowering to be able to assist your body in its natural healing capability in ONE day?

Come learn about this incredible safe, non-invasive class.

Cassandra is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and has been with the BodyTalk system since October of 2011, working through a wide variety of her own health struggles. She will discuss how this one foundational class can benefit you, as well as do a mini session at the end. 

This class is NOT a practitioner class, however it is one that Cassandra recommends all her clients take to help empower their health as well as their family/communities."

Handwriting Analysis


"A Certified Graphologist for over 30 years, Fiona MacKay Young has written well over a dozen books on Handwriting Analysis, created and taught courses both in person and online, has a YouTube channel, blog and website dedicated to it. She has worked for those in law enforcement & in the legal profession as well as having as clients who are looking for a new career, having problems in a relationship, those who are dedicated to personal development and many others. 

Your handwriting, just like any other form of body language, shows both personality and present mental/emotional state. Once you know how to identify a trait, it is always the same – if the stroke is there then so is the behaviour that goes along with it. It may be modified by other traits, but if it shows in writing it is present. It’s a great tool to help you understand both yourself and others and is a great tool for personal growth. In this talk Fiona will demonstrate how to identify various personality traits from handwriting, invite questions and give ‘instant readings’ for some participants."

Mental Healing  - working with Trauma and PTSD


Brain Spa Mental Healing with Maggie
Maggie’s infinite wisdom of the brain works with trauma and PTSD to heal mental illness of any kind.  This guided Light meditation will re-wire our brainwaves to have capacity to find joy within. When the brain fires together it wires to our Pineal Gland, which is our brain’s communication tower.

Rina Soucy - Colour and Attraction


How does colour change your life? Why are you attracted to some colours more than others? What you wear, decorate with and eat all can have magical (or not so magical) effects on you and your daily interactions. Visit with Rina and she will offer some amazing tips and tricks to enhance your life with something as simple and wonderful as Colour!