Who you will meet at the Expo 
Sunday February 16th


The information provided below has been provided by each individual exhibitor.  
If you have any questions please contact them with the links provided.

WCCS logo.png

West Coast Creative Spirits

A crafty little gift shop in the WestShore

Artisan owned and operated we carry beads, craft supplies, handcrafted creations including sterling silver, polymer creations, and lots of great jewellery. We also teach crafty classes and offer Energy Realignment sessions.


International College of Energy Healing

Dawn Kirkham

Dawn Kirkham, Founder and Principal of the College is delighted to be showcasing some of her graduates who will be offering a variety of therapies on both days.  You will get the opportunity to sample such things as Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Sound Healing, by donation.  All proceeds will be given to Bridges for Women who is a local charity providing wonderful services to women impacted by violence and domestic abuse to gain economic stability.
The College offers a range of certified holistic programs that enables an individual to gain knowledge, skills and the certification required for holistic practice.  Programs include Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Sound Healing.  The College is an Executive Training Provider of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine who provide assurances as to the quality of the training provided.
Dawn says: “we offer a variety of programs designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work professionally in the field of study.  My qualifications both in teaching and the healing modalities taught, along with the many years of providing 1:1 sessions with clients and teaching many students, ensure that you will experience a high quality program.  Ongoing support and coaching is provided and you will never feel alone”. 
Stop by and visit with us to find out more about how you can start your journey into becoming a certified holistic therapist or add modalities to your already established practice. Take the opportunity to try out a therapy and don’t forget that all the “by donation proceeds” are going to help local women thrive!
To find out more about what we do and hear from some of our amazing students visit our website

Hidden Gem Logo.jpg

Hidden Gem Metaphysical Store

Crystals, Cards, Books, Jewellery & More
Dawn & Elena

Hidden Gem is more than just a shop, it is a metaphysical centre that offers workshops, events, gatherings and heavenly treatments that will help you to relax, unwind and let go.

ian - sov.jpg

Spirit of Victoria

Promotion & Connection
Ian & Josie

We’re here to do two things. First, to celebrate practitioners, workshops, and events in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia that offer healing services and events.  Along with that, we’re here to bring people together – especially bringing practitioners & teachers together with you and your spiritual needs and journey. Glad you’re along for the journey!

Peace & light & love,
Ian Byington, editor


Mindful Zone

Maggie Calder

“Welcome to the Mindful Zone! 

In the Mindful Zone, you are in the HERE and NOW. Our services are Light & Inferred Therapy. This harmonize is your Nero pathways, connecting your six brainwaves. Experience your FREE Light Therapy at our Expo booth. Our Being Mindful Programs teach tools and techniques to deepen your inner wisdom. This wisdom brings Higher Intelligence into our personal and business relationships of success. The unspoken Sound and Movement Meditations bring peace, grounding, and clarity to the brain and body life expression. You will recalibrate the body/mind/soul. When you are in the Mindful Zone, you are in your BEST SELF! Owner Maggie Calder was a non-monk, the private assistant to Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, and Master Monk Bhasakorn. She is an international speaker and teacher. Maggie’s wisdom is integrated in all Mindful Zone services”. www.mindfulzone.ca or info@mindfulzone.ca Office mobil: 250-888-5814


Mary's Gems & Beads

Necklaces, Bracelets, Geodes, Crystal & Tarot Decks

I am originally from Scotland and have always been interested in stones for their healing properties. I  LOVE ALL Crystals & Gems, so I started my own business and have a studio in Sooke. My Road travelled is to continue to learn more about the precious gems of the Earth.

unique hue.png

Unique Hue International

Colour Therapy

As the owner of Unique Hue International, I offer Aura and Chakra Photography, Colour Therapy, Chromalive Treatments and Pet Energy assessments. I also give group presentations, information sessions, and workshops. All are intended to assist people on their journey to reach optimum health at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level with the help of colour vibrations. I carry a wide variety of 'colour-coded' products to support my recommendations.

As a certified Chromalive practitioner and colour therapist, I will assist people in discovering their 'true colours'.

Come by my table and say hello. For a minimal fee of $8 I will tell you which colour would be most beneficial for you by assessing your chakras via the reflexology points inside your hand.



Bailey Kilburn

I am a Hypnotist and experienced tarot card reader completing my studies in Hypnotherapy this March. I offer a unique approach to uncovering hidden information, exploring the subconscious mind, and will guide you to find the fresh perspective you’ve been looking for. Much of how we experience our reality is based on how we identify with our emotions, and how we react to those in our environment. By observing these subconscious patterns we are able to allow the light of our consciousness to free us from our limiting perspectives. Shifting these beliefs, we allow for more joy and peace to enter our lives.

Jane profile_edited.jpg

Angel Wing Readings

Jane Dance

I am an International Medium and I  have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island, in  Canada, since 2016, after living in Alberta for over three decades.

One of the main reasons that I chose this move is because I have often witnessed people living in fear and worry. I decided I didn't want to be one of those people and took a daring step out of my comfort zone, to heed my call to be close to my family and the ocean, which I feel a strong connection to.

Sometimes in life we become too comfortable, too stable, too stale. Challenges are meant to bring in new energy and resources, to shake us up and keep us alive.


Fantasy Artist & Tarot Reader

Alison Spokes

Alison Spokes has been reading Tarot and Oracle cards since the young age of 12, and has had a connection with the Fae since age 19. Alison established herself as a fairy and fantasy artist on Vancouver Island in 2010 and opened a Tarot practice in Sidney in 2015. As a certified Fairyologist by the world renown clairvoyant, Doreen Virtue, Alison works with a variety of fairy inspired decks to give you Earthly and practical advice, guidance and clarity in the realms of relationships, career, personal development and more. 

Alison is also a self-taught artist who began working mainly in pencils, but found her niche painting faeries in digital media. Alison's obsession with faeries began shortly after her first visit to Vancouver Island in 2002 when she purchased a deck of faerie oracle cards from a local bookstore. After collecting faeries and immersing herself in faerie culture for over a decade, Alison has been painting with pixels to create enchanting faerie and fantasy illustrations since 2010. Her artwork is available on a variety of merchandise including: Art prints, key chains, magnets, coffee mugs, candles, bookmarks, greeting cards, tote bags, tarot bags, pendants, necklaces, notebooks and more.




About Shaman Fashionista 

Peruvian Canadian fashion designer Ana Jost is the founder of 

SHAMAN FASHIONISTA. Founded as a way to integrate Ana's passion for fashion, her heritage and a spiritual awakening through shamanic healing practices.

Ana's discovery of her Shipibo roots led her to the Shipibo-Konibo Community of Cantagallo in Lima Peru. Cantagallo was founded by a group of indigenous Shipibo families who were part of a forced exodus from their ancestral home in the Amazon basin, pushed out by illegal logging, mining and infrastructure development, who settled in Lima in search of better opportunities. SHAMAN FASHIONISTA is proud to support,empower and collaborate with the many artists and artisans of Cantagallo.


Palm Readings


Your life in your Hands


The Answer Within

Jennifer Zylstra

Was I ever relieved when I realized that we can change ourselves if we really want to! For so long I believed that once a habit was entrenched we were stuck that way. And it wasn't just "habits" but what I sometimes call my "Standard Operating Procedures", just those things I did without even realizing that I was doing them or that I had the choice: letting emotions rule my life, worrying too much about what everyone else thought and not enough about what I thought, and yet at the same time still being so terrified that I came off somewhat egocentric. Not exactly the balance I wanted.  
Then in came hypnotherapy and it changed my mind and my life. I was actually able to "rewire" my brain to allow me to better operate in the way I desired. Hypnotherapy gave me insight into where my issues came from and how I could resolve them.  It isn't magic, but it is the closest thing to magic I have experienced.

I decided to name my practice "The Answer Within" because I noticed that that was where the power of the change or transformation was, within ourselves.​

I believe it is my open, relaxed and non-judgmental attitude that allows clients to feel comfortable and confident sharing with me.  My insight into human motivations and behaviours grants me the ability to offer clients effective, supportive assistance in releasing negative experiences and reaching their goals by helping clients find healthy perspectives of their life experiences and themselves.


Pathways To Spirit Institute

Metaphysical teachings, Life Activation, Energy Healing & Jikiden Reiki
Devi & Dietmar

Devi and Dietmar Dombkowski are healers, teachers and guides in the ancient Mystery School tradition. They have received special training and empowerments and teach classes and workshops sharing the ancient wisdom of the Mystery Schools which dates back to the earliest spiritual knowledge of this planet and beyond.

We are dedicated to sharing the many tools and teachings that we have been given by many spiritual teachers and guides. Our approach is simple, direct, powerful, yet gentle. All the programs we offer at Pathways to Spirit Institute are designed to take you to your next step in service to yourself and to others.


Hand-Bound Leather Journals 

Laura Rechwan

Laura Rechwan is an artist and entrepreneur who is interested in the transformative power of the visual arts. From clay mud to welded metal, her visual arts practice values the process of play, and she enjoys working with one-of-a-kind ‘upcycled’ materials. Laura believes in leadership through empowering others, and the importance of creativity and storytelling. 
Laura Rechwan holds a Visual Arts Diploma from Camosun College, and is currently studying at Royal Roads University in the Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management program. She believes that personal artistic expression contributes to healthy communities, and hopes that her hand-bound leather journals will inspire others to discover their own creative voice.


survivewell Tea


survivewell wants you to be the best you can be to a TEA!
island made wellness TEAs handcrafted by a registered herbalist using formulas that work! only certified organic herbs from ethical farmers are used for our 14 blends. our commitment to sustainable materials relies on local small batch production with an emphasis on recyclable & minimal packaging. our top sellers include smarTEA, tummyTEA & sereniTEA - there is a TEA for everybody!

P.U.R.E. Bliss.jpg

P.U.R.E. Bliss

Holistic-Organic-Unrefined Skin Care

P.U.R.E. Bliss was born out of a passion for health, well-being, transparency, and protecting people, animals, and the environment: all at once. I believe that the body, nature and the world are all sacred.  

Making and purchasing skincare products should not break the bank, jeopardize peoples health, the planet, or harm animals.

What I offer is wholesome food-grade ingredients that are known to preform well and be gentle on the skin. After all, a healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind and spirit.

JPEG Teresa Klan Reiki logo.jpg

Oracle, Tarot Card decks and Books

Teresa Klan

I've been having spiritual experiences since I was a young girl - as early as I can remember.

Life wasn't always so wonderful though because I didn't know what to do with my gifts.  I sought out teachers and mentors who could help me understand what was going on and through this I worked on healing my own wounds.

I've devoted countless hours in my education and training and am very proud to be in a position where I can now help others heal themselves.

With loving kindess, Teresa



Kelly - Oracle Card Readings

My name is Kelly Victoria Mitchell. I work full time as a Montessori Teacher and Early Childhood Educator. Although I have always been interested in spirituality and self-development, it wasn’t until this year that I started branching out and exploring my intuition deeper. I began the year by giving 100 free readings to people by distance, and slowly started to grow my confidence and strength in my intuition.  I believe we create our own reality and these readings are guidance posts, not fortune telling. I am here only to transmit messages from spirit and the universe. My passion and purpose is simply to help as many people as possible and raise the vibration of our planet.

Love and Light




Erik Zaremba

Float House Westshore is a brand new 5-tank sensory deprivation and floatation center located in downtown Langford, BC. #experiencenothing #gofloatyourself


Stillpoint Community Acupuncture

Jean-Paul Thuot

Community Acupuncture - it's a revolution and you're invited! Community Acupuncture (CA) seeks to provide accessible acupuncture, allowing you to pay for your treatments on a sliding scale between $25-50. You decide what you can afford, no questions asked!

Acupuncture is good for a wide variety of ailments, including chronic and acute pain, fertility, migraines, anxiety, depression, digestion and more.



Native Seer, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual counselor, Tarot reader, Reiki Master

Isabel Okanese is a 4th generation psychic and natural-born healer that comes from inter-generational Medicine People (Shamans from mid-1800s). She’s a 45 year old Oji-Cree from the Turtle Clan. Isabel has been practicing her Traditional culture since 1989. Isabel believes being a First Nations woman is what makes her so spiritually gifted. Her earliest memories are of Spirits; playing, visiting with them and even directing ghosts to the Spirit World. Witnessing and receiving information from Spirit is what makes Isabel’s readings so comforting and healing.



Jyorei Healing

Jyorei, like prayer, is universally beneficial. The Light of Jyorei purifies and uplifts, there are no negative side effects. Although we have not studied this subject scientifically, it appears to encourage homeostasis. Both overactive and underactive immune systems seem to benefit from Jyorei. It calms down those who are agitated and it rejuvenates those who are tired. Jyorei is good for body, mind, and spirit.

Photo by 祝 鹤槐


Ivorycat Design

Wendy - Artist and Designer

An amazing Silver & Coppersmith, Wendy will be bringing her beautiful,  unique handcrafted jewellery and inspired beaded designs to share with us all!


Crystal Lotus Healings


The Dragonfly Device - Telephone line to your Spirit Guides
Have you always wanted to hear your Spirit Guides? Would you like to be able to communicate directly with them and hear the messages they have for you with your own ears? 
This is made possible with a new technology called the Dragonfly which works like a psychic amplifier allowing you to communicate with the Spirit World. You will hear them and speak to them directly.


Cassandra Clegg Health and Wellness

Cassandra Clegg

My mission is to help change the world--regardless of how big or small that change may be. 

Too often we are unhappy with our lives, ourselves, and are chained to the past.

What if you could be free from that, and enjoy life? That is what life should be about--growth, exploration, not paying bills and struggling till we die.


Maureen Fontaine

Tarot cards are the bridge that articulates what we can’t always find words for. They provide a framework to more fully explore the messages from spirit and liberate insightful and intelligent direction.  My unconventional intuitive interpretation reflects the openings that are most beneficial at this time. Their story spotlights your strengths and the associated energetic disruptors. Decisions/decisions, love & relationships, self-identity, finances, those who have passed, and much more!



Wes Gietz

More than anything else, I am a teacher. A teacher of spirituality and awakening, a teacher of life advancement through coaching, a teacher of elderhood in a challenging society, and a teacher of wellness through working as a healer.
I have applied and taught Emotional Freedom Techniques for over twenty years. EFT has been a powerful part of my own healing journey as well as something I am privileged to offer to the world. I have been a transpersonal life coach and mentor for many years, and am qualified as an Integral Associate Coach®. I incorporate my experience in business, government, postsecondary teaching, and the paths of spiritual growth, Eldering, and community building in my work as a coach and a healer.
I am acknowledged as a storyteller, an elder, and a leader of ceremony, and as a person who demonstrates the qualities of patience, wisdom, compassion, and understanding.
I have studied with Tom Brown Jr. and Jon Young, and have been strongly guided by the writings of David R. Hawkins, Michael Newton, and Ken Wilber. I incorporate their truths into my own work.
I have done my own Vision Quests four times, and guided Rites of Passage for individuals and groups for 20 years, including the 24-hour Solo and the four-day Vision Quest. I have taught a nature-based path of spiritual awakening and power since 1994. In 1999 I initiated the Firemaker Primitive Skills Gathering, an annual week-long learning and celebration of ancient skills and community held on Vancouver Island.
I have published numerous articles in journals and newsletters on topics such as edible and medicinal plants, spirituality, healing, tracking, and Coyote Mentoring, and am contributing author of Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States (Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz).
I have written a book, Born Whole: How you can heal your own pre-birth pain and how you can guide and protect your baby from conception to birth, published July 2019!


Life Force Systems


"Like the lotus flower, trust in the light, grow in the dirt, and believe in new beginnings" Kim Ricci has been in the business of Body & Life Transformations for the last 19 years. Starting as a small company in Victoria B.C., Kim pioneered the BOOT CAMP movement in Western Canada and continue to offer top tier boot camps to this day. As the company expanded and evolved, so did her philosophies and programs. In addition to her custom BOOT CAMP programs, we also offer clean eating & Keto nutritional coaching, Intuitive Life Coaching, Oracle Readings, and Energy Pain relief healing. It is my greatest desire to help people from all around the world achieve optimal health, well-being, and connection to their Spirit. Kim is passionate about helping people before they become sick and teaching them key strategies to bloom into their full authentic power. Kim will help you on a journey to help you identify your needs, come home to yourself, and feel both strong & confident once again. I truly know and deeply understand exactly how it feels like to lose your sense of SELF. However, it was here, in the mud, where my biggest soul growth and evolution happened. This...is where I want to meet you".

valerie theta.jpg

Relaxation of the Soul - Valerie

 Energy Therapist 

will be offering mini ThetaHealing sessions to uncover some of the  limiting beliefs that are blocking people and they do not realize that they have them  running in their subconscious. Releasing limiting beliefs help people move forward in their life with joy and passion!

Valerie will help you free your authentic self. Easily discover and clear limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating your most  inspired  life. Valerie Couture is a Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Therapist



Charlotte Elise Card Readings

I was born an Empath, with very strong intuition and psychic abilities, as well as Mediumship. My entire life I have felt a calling to to help people. I believe that from reading the past, I can help to show you where corrections and growth is needed, to set you on your new journey to find your true self, well also looking into what the future may have in store for you..... and if you are looking to connect with someone, you never know who might show up :)
My Reading are $50 for a 30 minute session.


Happy Souls

Tina - Angel Card Reader & Animal Communication

My name is Tina Kurucz and I am an Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner and Angel Card Reader.

I started my spiritual journey in helping others by performing angel card readings for friends and family. I enjoy doing angel cards as they assist me to connect with spirit and allow me to assist others to find clarity and/or closure in their lives.

As a child I was able to see and sense spirit and for most of my life, I have been able to connect with animals and have been able to sense what they needed.

In 2012 I heard about “Animal Communication” courses that were taught by Georgina
Cyr. After attending the courses, I found I was able to properly focus my gifts and skills in connecting with animals, both past and present. I could see and feel what they felt! This allowed me to be able to communicate information between pets and their owners. This was an amazing experience! I then completed courses, offered by Georgina Cyr, on Iridology for humans and animals. These courses allowed me to further assist into aiding people, as well as animals, on their path to health and well being.

In 2015, my quest for spiritual knowledge led me to register and complete classes in Reiki. I am now currently a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, working with both people and animals, and I am looking forward to becoming a Reiki Master. I feel that my Reiki skills meld beautifully with my card reading and animal communication skills and help me to connect and bring clarity to my readings.

I feel that life is an amazing journey and by having an open accepting attitude of the world and all of its inhabitants is what makes this an amazing place to live.

Use this space to write a brief description of what this team member does. You can include relevant degrees, experience or other special qualifications they may have.



Maximilian -Bioenergy - Energy Medicine

Hi, my name is Maximilian and I am a bioenergetic practitioner in Victoria. What do I do? I assess people's energy fields to find the root causes for their health issues, whether acute or chronic, and I correct these energetic imbalances, so the mind, body and soul can heal themselves.

Skeleton with bloodflow.jpg


Susan Adams

Have you ever wondered what "causes" good health?   Most people think of their health in terms of their body parts, for example a healthy heart, a healthy brain, etc.  We are not just a collection of parts and organs, but rather a collection of about 100 trillion cells.  If micro-circulation to each cell is improved, cardiac function is enhanced, strength and energy increase, mental acuity and concentration are improved, detoxification processes improve, stress is reduced and sleep improves.  All cells in the body, regardless of their function are positively affected by improved blood flow.  
A BEMER energy session is deeply relaxing, and you will learn what can change in 8 minutes.  Come experience BEMER, and know that you can FEEL BETTER TOMORROW THAN YOU DO TODAY!


Thai Massage

Sarah Wade

Thai Massage is an energy based healing system that combines gentle full-body stretching, twisting and traction with targeted acupressure point massage. “It’s like going to a physio appointment, stretching class and receiving a massage all at once.”

Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils


Essential oils are the foundation of Young Living and from there it expands into natural health products, home products, health and fitness, and personal care. All aspects shared with the same commitment to creating the purest of Seed to Seal products.

Astrology Map



‘Nicole McKenna is an Astrologer, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer and Tarot Reader with 8 years of experience. Her intention behind her work is to lead others to receive insight, feel empowered, become balanced, start healing and to activate their dreams lives.’

Nicole will be offering 20 minute Astrology & Tarot Readings for $35’