An Evening with Angela

The evening will begin with Angela exploring the energies that surround us all, and talking about how she has learned to recognize and integrate those energies within which she works. As a Psychic Intuitive Medium, Angela has journeyed with many who have sought to reconnect with their authentic self and become more fully engaged in the life that they have come here to live. To demonstrate the profound beauty that intuition can bring to our lives, Angela will ask you to join her as she invites spirit to provide insight, guidance and messages for those who wish to participate.

This will be a very open, honest, and heart-centred group reading. There will be no “script” to follow, nor any “method” for you to adopt. You will simply be asked to connect with what the heart needs; spirit will provide – so do be prepared for some tears, hugs, and a whole lot of laughter! You may wish to bring a photo or small personal belonging of someone into whom you wish greater insight, be they present or passed on. Photos of beloved pets are also welcome. Bring your questions! Bring your doubts! But most importantly, be sure to bring your self on this evening’s journey with Angela.