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Animal Communication & Body Talk


Animal Communication: Connecting with any pets, living or departed, to help aid in communication between owner and pet. This can help release any emotional holding patterns, look at behavioral issues, and whatever questions you may have. We can work on chakras, minor chakras, family history as well...

BodyTalk: A safe, non-invasive healing modality where the practitioner acts as a healthy, neutral interface between the client and their own innate healing capability.

It works to release stored emotions, belief systems, dis-ease, pain and to help create harmony within you!

It is important to note that BodyTalk practitioners to not diagnose or prescribe.

BodyTalk is for everyone! Anyone can greatly benefit from this holistic approach.

Insomnia? Feeling 'stuck'? Conflicts in relationships? Pain in the body?

Understanding your core belief systems, emotions and perceptions in conjunction with working on releasing them, can significantly improve your health and interactions with others on all levels.

Physical manifestations of pain is your body's way of trying to get your attention.

BodyTalk works on all levels: Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual and Physical.

What is your body telling you?