Maggie Calder - Mindful Zone


Satsang Meditation with Maggie
Maggie’s meditation will open with a Satsang channeled talk from the group’s collective higher intelligence. She will play Ancient Tibetan Sound bowls, balancing the chakra body communication while Olga tones and sings angelic sounds of wisdom.  Be with us in stillness and centering within to receive LOVE.

Relaxation of the Soul- Experience Theta


Sometimes life can throw us curve balls causing self love to be difficult. If you or someone you care for has difficulty with feelings of being unloved, feelings of not belonging, or any other self limiting beliefs please understand you are not alone.
By attending the talk, you will discover some hidden subconscious beliefs you might not realize you are carrying around with you. Discovering the beliefs and learning how to release them will help you find the confidence and joy in your life you maybe missing.
Join Valerie, an experienced ThetaHealing Practitioner/Instructor to learn more...

Sharing Spirit with Wes Gietz - Windwalker


Join Wes Gietz in a participative demonstration of Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT or Tapping)

In this interactive workshop I will discuss the how, why, and amazing power of EFT. I will talk a bit about my new book, Born Whole, and how EFT can be applied to heal events and experiences from before birth. I will invite a lucky participant to experience the power of EFT in a demonstration. We may even have time for a Drum Dance!
Tickets are free with admission to the Expo

Cynthia - Dancing with Life Body & Soul


Ways to Stay Connected to Love and How to Thrive in a New Decade

You may already be feeling overwhelmed, thinly stretched or triggered to the core by the changes happening around you since the New Year has begun. Or, perhaps you know in your bones that something needs to shift, either personally, or as you look outside yourself knowing that it can’t wait. 2020 is bringing increasing levels of energetic, emotional, physical and global upgrades essential and necessary in preparation for the evolving dimensions of love coming next in the human condition. We are all on the brink of deeper changes, which are calling us to question and challenge the presence of love in our lives. By experiencing evolved ways to express love and find a new dynamic balance in ourselves, our relationships align to the times we live in. We can then truly thrive along with the Earth as one.

Cynthia will be sharing practical ways of how to navigate the inevitable shifts and changes that 2020 and beyond will bring. With an emphasis on connecting to the pulse of love in an embodied way, she will be sharing different techniques to maintain this pulse in your everyday life. Since we will be actively exploring some of these practices during the presentation, you can take this knowledge home to experience more depth of love in your personal relationships and inner process.

Cynthia Thompson has been a Certified Craniosacral Practitioner for almost 20 years working with hundreds of clients assisting them in navigating change and healing. Cynthia specializes in helping people balance physical and emotional trauma to allow them to find true spiritual connection and a lasting peace within themselves. She is also a Certified Practitioner of Heart IQ facilitating group circles for 8 years and has been studying The Art of Fearless Intimacy for the past two years integrating these experiences into her unique healing offerings.

Hidden Gem


Love and Crystals  - lets talk!