Who you will meet at the Expo on
Saturday September 14th


The information provided below has been provided by each individual exhibitor.  
If you have any questions please contact them with the links provided.

Stone Tower

Sand & Sea Design Company

Hand Crafted Jewellery, Meditation Malas & Goat's Milk Soap
Allison & Geoff

Our family based company started in the Summer of 2016.  We make crystal & semi-precious stone jewellery, mala necklaces to help you meditate and a wonderful handcrafted goat's milk soap. Check out our website for products and details.

Whyte Spryte 1_edited.jpg

Whyte Spryte Silver Creations

Hand Crafted Sterling Jewellery

A talented silversmith who uses her personal flair to create beautiful & unique healing stone jewellery. Visit at West Coast Creative Spirits

Hidden Gem Logo.jpg

Hidden Gem Metaphysical Store

Crystals, Cards, Books, Crowns, Jewellery & More 
Dawn & Elena

Hidden Gem is more than just a shop, it is a metaphysical centre that offers workshops, events, gatherings and heavenly treatments that will help you to relax, unwind and let go.


Spirit of Victoria

Promotion & Connection
Ian & Josie

We’re here to do two things! First, to celebrate practitioners, workshops, and events in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia that offer healing services and events. Along with that, we’re here to bring people together – especially bringing practitioners & teachers together with you and your spiritual needs and journey. Glad you’re along for the journey!

Peace & light & love,
Ian Byington, editor


Okanese Transformative Studio

Native Seer, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual counselor, Tarot reader, Reiki Master

Isabel Okanese is a 4th generation psychic and natural-born healer that comes from inter-generational Medicine People (Shamans from mid-1800s). She’s a 45-year-old Oji-Cree from the Turtle Clan. Isabel has been practicing her Traditional culture since 1989. Isabel believes being a First Nations woman is what makes her so spiritually gifted. Her earliest memories are of Spirits; playing, visiting with them and even directing ghosts to the Spirit World. Witnessing and receiving information from Spirit is what makes Isabel’s readings so comforting and healing.

Hyggelig logo.jpg

Hyggelig Aromatherapy

Certified Aromatherapist
Birgit Salling

Pronounced "hew-ga-lee" this Danish word basically means "cozy and comfortable," that wonderful sensation of feeling content and safe. My goal as a fully trained and certified Aromatherapist is to create an ambiance within my treatments and enhanced by my products that will inspire and infuse this "hyggelig" feeling.


Deepam Rebalancing

Profoundly Restorative Bodywork

Osho Rebalancing is a synthesis of several therapeutic modalities, including Postural Integration, Rolfing, Traeger, Deep-tissue Massage, Cranial Sacral Balancing and Alexander techniques. 
Having spent four winters in India training in the healing arts, Deepam is also a qualified practitioner of Usui Reiki healing (Level II), Osho Pulsation (neo-Reichian emotional release breathwork), and Osho Tibetan Pulsing Healing. In addition to her private practice, she leads writing and yoga retreats both in Canada and internationally.

Bridge over Waterfall

Catch A Star Studio

Awesome Products- Jewellery, crystal wands, stone work and more

An award winning jeweller, incredible Energy Worker & Sound Therapist.  Sue has been creating for over 30 years. Her studio is located beside a waterfall, set amongst towering trees and mossy out cropping.  She loves what she does and the energy of the natural materials she uses inspires her creations.


Fantasy Artist & Tarot Reader

Alison Spokes

Alison Spokes has been reading Tarot and Oracle cards since the young age of 12, and has had a connection with the Fae since age 19. Alison established herself as a fairy and fantasy artist on Vancouver Island in 2010 and opened a Tarot practice in Sidney in 2015. As a certified Fairyologist by the world renown clairvoyant, Doreen Virtue, Alison works with a variety of fairy inspired decks to give you Earthly and practical advice, guidance and clarity in the realms of relationships, career, personal development and more. 

Alison is also a self-taught artist who began working mainly in pencils, but found her niche painting faeries in digital media. Alison's obsession with faeries began shortly after her first visit to Vancouver Island in 2002 when she purchased a deck of faerie oracle cards from a local bookstore. After collecting faeries and immersing herself in faerie culture for over a decade, Alison has been painting with pixels to create enchanting faerie and fantasy illustrations since 2010. Her artwork is available on a variety of merchandise including: Art prints, key chains, magnets, coffee mugs, candles, bookmarks, greeting cards, tote bags, tarot bags, pendants, necklaces, notebooks and more.


Ivorycat Design


 An amazing Silver & Coppersmith, Wendy will be bringing her beautiful,  unique handcrafted jewellery and inspired beaded designs to share with us all! 


Angel Wing Readings

Jane Dance

I am an International Medium and I  have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island, in  Canada,  since 2016, after living in Alberta for over three decades. 

One of the main reasons that I chose this move is because I have often witnessed people living in fear and worry. I decided I didn't want to be one of those people and took a daring step out of my comfort zone, to heed my call to be close to my family and the ocean, which I feel a strong connection to.

Sometimes in life we become too comfortable, too stable, too stale. Challenges are meant to bring in new energy and resources, to shake us up and keep us alive.

Dava Caldwell_edited.jpg

Chanting Class Beadworks

Dava Caldwell

I make Sandalwood Malas and bracelets used for meditation or mantra practices.  All Malas are 108 beads. They can be used for practice or energetic beauty.  My sandalwood and semi-precious beads (and silver) have been purchased in India where I have spent 3 months in a Yoga Shala, in Mysuru.
I also craft tree balms and beeswax candles for the practice of Sadhana.


Charlotte Elise Card Readings

Intuitive Guidance and Direction- Tarot and Oracle readings



Bioenergy - Energy Medicine

Hi, my name is Maximilian and I am a bioenergetic practitioner in Victoria. What do I do? I assess people's energy fields to find the root causes for their health issues, whether acute or chronic, and I correct these energetic imbalances, so the mind, body and soul can heal themselves.

art of ascension_edited.png

Art of Ascension

Harley & Surya

What is The Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas?

A Meditation? Not exactly; it's not an Eastern or New Age practice, it's more like prayer, but even that word doesn't convey what Ascension is. Both words lead to misunderstandings based on previous and common uses of them. Most people think of concentration or mysticism when they hear the word Meditation; Ascension is an effortless method. Or they think of religion when they hear prayer;  Ascension requires no beliefs of any kind.

It is a series of  simple techniques to realign us with the source of our own consciousness, whether used as a deep healing mediation or while going about our daily life ... for anyone, anytime, anywhere!



The Answer Within

Jennifer Zylstra

Was I ever relieved when I realized that we can change ourselves if we really want to! For so long I believed that once a habit was entrenched we were stuck that way. And it wasn't just "habits" but what I sometimes call my "Standard Operating Procedures", just those things I did without even realizing that I was doing them or that I had the choice: letting emotions rule my life, worrying too much about what everyone else thought and not enough about what I thought, and yet at the same time still being so terrified that I came off somewhat egocentric. Not exactly the balance I wanted.  

But, in came hypnotherapy and it changed my mind and my life. I was actually able to "rewire" my brain to allow me to better operate in the way I desired. Hypnotherapy gave me insight into where my issues came from and how I could resolve them.  It isn't magic, but it is the closest thing to magic I have experienced.

I decided to name my practice "The Answer Within" because I noticed that that was where the power of the change or transformation was, within ourselves.

I believe it is my open, relaxed and non-judgmental attitude that allows clients to feel comfortable and confident sharing with me.  My insight into human motivations and behaviours grants me the ability to offer clients effective, supportive assistance in releasing negative experiences and reaching their goals by helping clients find healthy perspectives of their life experiences and themselves.

LJ pic_edited.jpg

Soul Realignment

L-J Cote

I consider myself a lifelong leaner and explorer of anything Spiritual.  As a result, I have studied in Canada, the USA and UK leading to a variety of certifications including Reiki Master, Theta Healing, Axiatonal Alignment, Chrystal Reiki, Spiritual Healing (UK), and Angel Therapy.    I am also certified as a Level III Reconnective Healer© with Eric Pearl; Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities© Trainer; Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Reader©.  More recently I obtained my Akashic Record Reader certification for Andrrea Hess’s Soul Realignment©.

I have studied with Vincent Pace, a leading Medium in Toronto and went on to facilitate meditation circles and medium development programs in Toronto, northern Ontario and Hawaii.  For over 20 years I have enjoyed working with a variety of oracles including runes and card decks.  I find these oracles a wonderful and fun way to connect to Spirit.

My own spiritual development led me to the Hawaiian Islands where I lived prior to moving to British Columbia.  During my time in Hawaii, I authored the workbook The Real Me which was released in early 2017.

My spiritual mission has always been supporting people connect to their personal inner wisdom and power.  My readings reflect down to earth, practical information that grows my client’s confidence in trusting and listening to their own intuitive abilities.


Lee Rocks It

Lee Rock

Lee will be bringing amazing Rocks, Gems, Crystals,  Beads and more wonderful goodies!


Mothering Avalon

Oracle and Tarot Readings

My name is Gavriel Avalon and I am the Mother of Mothering Avalon. Mothering Avalon is a Home of Universal Love for all to enter to receive the Nurturing Light and Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother. In this space I reflect the creative powers of self love and awareness and communicate gentle frequencies of Light that welcome the innocence of the inner child to feel safe, received, loved and nurtured. When this magic takes place, one begins to blossom and all layers of confusion, doubt and lack of self belief dissolve and we begin to remember our divinity and the magical gift we are to offer this world.

One of my favorite bridges I have created to assist one to experience the magic of Mothering Avalon is by the art of Oracle and Tarot readings. Please come join me as I share intuitive readings that open the gates to the Heart of Avalon within all of us. Your innocence and magic awaits you.


Andrea Zonnis

Clairvoyant Psychic

A naturally gifted clairvoyant psychic, singer/songwriter and events planner who calls Victoria, BC home. A spiritual awakening in her early 20’s opened her heart and mind to the love of the universe and was the beginning of an amazing journey. She offers psychic sessions using Tarot cards in Victoria, Western Canada and around the world via phone and Skype having given over 4000 readings so far in her career. An avid traveller, Andrea is a cultural seeker of universal truths that unite humanity with a life purpose of spreading love and peace. 

Back in 2009, Andrea founded and organized the very first Intuitive Arts Festival which has been running annually ever since. Attracting over 700 people each year, the Intuitive Arts Festival brings together Psychics, Healers and Shamans from across BC to celebrate and promote Holistic Health and Metaphysics. The 11th annual Intuitive Arts Festival is happening Nov. 2nd and 3rd at the Da Vinci Centre.







Gaianna Sophia Love

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Oracle Card Reader

Are you looking for guidance to align with your highest outcome? Perhaps you feel lost and want to deepen into your destiny, what you're here for. Gaianna started training as a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Oracle Card Reader since she was 11yrs old. She has powerful abilities to tap into spirit, angels and guides. Gaianna is a Laws of Attraction Mentor & Healer of emotional/mental blocks that keep clients from attuning to their life purpose and fulfilling their deepest dreams. She also takes groups on Sacred Site Journeys. Readings - 15 min. $35


Passage Wellness & Acupuncture

Jenica Geisler (R.Ac, KOH.P),

Offers treatment  through acupuncture, somatic-based practices, and resiliency consultation on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen-Speaking peoples, in Victoria, BC. She supports those suffering with physical, mental, and emotional pain who are seeking to heal, reconnect to their body's inherent wisdom, and develop a more holistic relationship with themselves, others, and the world around them. 

Jenica believes our well-being is a reflection of the intersections between our bodies and the culture that infuses and surrounds us.  At a time of cultural and ecological crisis, she can see that many of us are grieving the waning connection to ourselves, each other, and the land we call home. 

Jenica is passionate about reconnecting to what it means to be an embodied, relational human, and is inspired to connect with others on reimagining wholeness at the intersections of intergenerational trauma, current structures of oppression, and a generative and co-creative future. 

To find out more about Jenica and her practice, please visit her website at:


Seeds of Love Creations

Anne MacDougall

Anne MacDougall is an intuitive nature based-healer and forest bathing practitioner. Deeply connected to the Earth and Spirit, she weaves together channeled wisdom from angel and nature spirits with her certifications in reiki, geotran and forest bathing to create deep healing experiences to help you release emotional patterning and live your life in alignment with your highest self.


Intuitive Readings

Maureen Fontaine

I am here to wiggle you out of the rabbit holes and dive deeply into what consumes your thoughts. We explore your inner circus and tame the monkeys! My intention is to offer powerful presence and hold safe and sacred space. Compassion, kindness and inspiration are integral to support your challenging moments and celebrate your breakthroughs. We collectively fill your tool kit with helpful techniques that remind you of the power you are. And tears are welcomed.

Dance with your shadow as you dance with your light, for this is the expression of the essence of your being. What a privilege to experience emotions; all of them. For they are the gift of your humanity.


Blissful Soul Holistic Wellness

Iris Sirianni

More About Intuitive Energy Massage - Access Bars - Reiki - Relationship Coach with Iris Sirianni
A garden hose that has been sitting without the flow of clean water will become backed up, heavy with buildup and clean water can't flow through. 
Our energetic body can become backed up and heavy with buildup too because of the demands of the physical world, our day to day stress, our mental health,  judgments we have about ourselves and what else is possible for us.  
Life becomes very difficult when we resist letting go of what is weighing us down and prevents us from our own inner healing and growth.
Left unattended, we create illness, aches, pains, and disease in our physical bodies.
My work revolves around helping you on your life path to spiritual and physical well-being.
I work with several healing modalities as well as my intuitive counseling services to help you allow more ease, joy and abundance to flow through your life.
Love, light and blessing on your journey in this life <3


Crystal Lotus Healings


The Dragonfly Device - Telephone line to your Spirit Guides

Have you always wanted to hear your Spirit Guides? Would you like to be able to communicate directly with them and hear the messages they have for you with your own ears? 

This is made possible with a new technology called the Dragonfly which works like a psychic amplifier allowing you to communicate with the Spirit World. You will hear them and speak to them directly.

Maggie Karita 6.jpeg

Mindful Zone

Maggie Calder

“Welcome to the Mindful Zone! 

In the Mindful Zone, you are in the HERE and NOW. Our services are Light & Inferred Therapy. This harmonize is your Nero pathways, connecting your six brainwaves. Experience your FREE Light Therapy at our Expo booth. Our Being Mindful Programs teach tools and techniques to deepen your inner wisdom. This wisdom brings Higher Intelligence into our personal and business relationships of success. The unspoken Sound and Movement Meditations bring peace, grounding, and clarity to the brain and body life expression. You will recalibrate the body/mind/soul. When you are in the Mindful Zone, you are in your BEST SELF! Owner Maggie Calder was a non-monk, the private assistant to Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, and Master Monk Bhasakorn. She is an international speaker and teacher. Maggie’s wisdom is integrated in all Mindful Zone services”. www.mindfulzone.ca or info@mindfulzone.ca Office mobil: 250-888-5814




Wyrd wellness solutions for mind, body and soul.


Little Hummingbird Healing

Karen Shipman

Traditional Medicines - Teas, salves, roots and medicinal honeys.


Intuitive Guidance

Jody Mitchell

Jody is fascinated by transformation and expansion; stepping outside what we think we know and experiencing the highest possible reality this life has to offer. She has lived and worked all around Canada and the world, developing her skills as an educator, facilitator, wilderness guide, systems thinker, social enterprise developer, farmer and lightworker.  

Through a deeply experiential journey and quest for a direct connection with the Divine, Jody has come into deep and consistent awareness of the infinite nature of reality and consciousness. So much more is possible in this lifetime!  With this awareness, Jody’s deep desire to serve jumped an energy level.  In her practice and life, she holds space for others and allow fear and resistance, habits and patterns to dissolve and give way to clarity, grace, momentum and Light.   

It is her deep honour to be in the world at this time of acute transformation and mass awakening. YOU ARE SO MUCH BIGGER AND BRIGHTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! 


Jody offers intuitive guidance, healing and support for humans on their soul journey. By tuning in to the highest vibrational essence of your soul, Jody holds light and facilitates a conversation with your highest truth, allowing old patterns to be seen, explored, dissolved and transformed.  

Sessions are deeply meditative and profoundly transformational.  Jody holds the space for deep shifts in consciousness that reveal expansive possibility, light pathways forward, and raise your vibration to the frequencies of grace, joy, peace and abundance.