All workshops are included in the price of admission.

Sunday September 15th

11:45 – 12:30 Introducing Harley and Surya

 The Art of Ascension

The Art of Ascension is a series of effortless techniques that can be done by anyone.  Learn how we became separated from the source of our own consciousness. And how we begin to reconnect…

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Sunday September 15th

12:45 – 1:30 * Cassandra Clegg

A Safe, non-invasive healing modality. The practitioner acts as a healthy, neutral interface between the client and their own innate healing capability. It works to release stored emotions, belief systems, dis-ease, pain and to help create harmony within you!
It is important to note that BodyTalk practitioners to not diagnose or prescribe. Demo Session at the end


Sunday September 15th

1:45-2:30 * Pathways to Spirit -Devi & Dietmar


As we evolve spiritually, and open ourselves up to receiving more love, light and connection with spirit, there is a need to protect ourselves as well. It is sometimes hard to hold this love and light when we are surrounded by the negativity and chaos of the world.

As light bearers our job is to send love and light out to humanity and the world without being drained by negative influences.

There are many tools, simple rituals and prayers that you can use to create positive boundaries and protection for yourself.  


Sunday September 15th

2:45-3:30 * Rina Soucy

Colour Therapy -

How does colour change your life? Why are you attracted to some colours more than others? What you wear, decorate with and eat all can have magical (or not so magical) effects on you and your daily interactions.  Visit with Rina and she will offer some amazing tips and tricks to enhance your life with something as simple and wonderful as Colour! 

Rustic Apple Pie

Sunday September 15th

3:45 – 4:30 *Lori Prophet -Professional Dowser

Lori Prophet is a Professional Dowser, Reiki Master & Teacher, and Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner. She will show and explain dowsing techniques she uses on a regular basis. Covering skills like; dowsing frame of mind, grounding, muscle dowsing, integrity, accuracy, respecting others energy, information dowsing, water dowsing, earth energies, spirit communication, find lost items, travel, tracking, high frequency dowsing, colour dowsing, chakra clearing/balancing, and more. She will demonstrate chakra clearing and balancing and talk about her upcoming course for Esoteric College; Professional Dowsing Level 1.

Floating Hearts