Who you met at the Expo

Sunday Sept 16th 2018

The information provided below has been provided by each individual exhibitor.  
If you have any questions please contact them with the links provided.


Sand & Sea Design Company

Hand Crafted Jewellery, Meditation Malas & Goats Milk Soap
Allison & Geoff

Our family based company started in the Summer of 2016.  We make crystal & semi-precious stone jewellery, mala necklaces to help you meditate and a wonderful handcrafted goats milk soap.  Check out our website for products and details!

Whyte Spryte 1_edited.jpg

Whyte Spryte Silver Creations

Hand Crafted Sterling Jewellery

Beautiful & unique hand crafted sterling silver & semi precious healing stone jewellery.


Kindred spiritZ

Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy
Zoe & Katt

We offer a blended holistic treatment consisting of several modalities - including Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Crystal Therapy preformed by two practitioners working together.

Hidden Gem Logo.jpg

Hidden Gem Metaphysical Store

Crystals, Cards, Books, Jewellery & More
Dawn & Elena

Hidden Gem is more than just a shop, it is a metaphysical centre that offers workshops, events, gatherings and heavenly treatments that will help you to relax, unwind and let go.

Oak & Ivy.jpg

The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services

Sekhmet, Reiki, Crystal Therapy
Robyn & Steve

We here at The Oak and The Ivy believe that what you create inside yourself, manifests outside yourself. With this in mind, we know that chronic stress is linked to the 6 too leading causes of death today, including heart disease, cancer and suicide. It affects us on all levels of health- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this age of constant pressure, self care has never been more important.  We would like to help with that by customizing a treatment based on your needs using a combination of Reiki, Sekhmet, Crystal Therapy and dowsing techniques.  We also offer Oracle, Crystals & meditation products.

P.U.R.E. Bliss.jpg

P.U.R.E. Bliss

Holistic-Organic-Unrefined Skin Care

P.U.R.E. Bliss was born out of a passion for health, well-being, transparency, and protecting people, animals, and the environment: all at once.  I believe that the body, nature and the world are all sacred.  Making and purchasing skincare products should not break the bank, jeopardize peoples health, the planet, or harm animals.
What I offer is wholesome food-grade ingredients that are known to preform well and be gentle on the skin.  After all, a healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind and spirit.


Pathways To Spirit Institute

Metaphysical teachings, Life Activation, Energy Healing & Jikiden Reiki
Devi & Dietmar

We are healers, teachers and guides in the ancient Mystery School tradition. We have special training and empowerments, teach classes and workshops sharing the ancient wisdom of the Mystery Schools which date back to the earliest spiritual knowledge of this planet and beyond.

Int Met Academy.jpg

International Metaphysical Academy

Information & Jyorei Treatments
Dr. Anneli Driessen PhD, MCC

The International Metaphysical Academy provides Spiritual Education for Consciousness Expansion through Critical Thinking, Applied Knowledge and Personal Responsibility.
It offers high-quality, one-year study programs for anyone who is committed to learning more about universal knowledge, which crosses all borders, cultures and spiritual practices. In addition, we provide metaphysically-based leadership coaching and counselling with a down-to-earth approach and overall theme of applied 'practical philosophy'.
We focus on strengthening ones ability to discern between spiritual hype and real, valuable information that is based upon grounded spirituality.

unique hue.png

Unique Hue International

Colour Therapy

As the owner of Unique Hue International , I offer Aura and Chakra Photography, Colour Therapy, Chromalive Treatments and Pet Energy assessments.  I also give group presentations, information sessions, and workshops.  All are intended to assist people on their journey to reach optimum health at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level with the help of colour vibrations. I carry a wide variety of 'colour-coded' products to support my recommendations.  As a certified Chromalive practitioner and colour therapist, I will assist people in discovering their 'true colours'.
Come by my table and say hello.  For a minimal fee of $8 I will tell you which colour would be most beneficial for you by assessing your chakras via the reflexology points inside your hand.

Inspiraled Creations.jpg

Inspiraled Creations & Faery Waer

Spiral & Fairy inspired Jewelry, Art & Gifts

I have always been fascinated by and drawn to spirals.  I have included them in my creations for the last 10 years.  Wire-wrapped stones, "Inspiraled"serving pieces, smudging kits, spirit inspired paintings and fairy wing earrings made with seasonally shed Fairy wings forged for and harvested from the Magic forests around Sooke, BC

ian - sov.jpg

Spirit of Victoria

Promotion & Connection
Ian & Josie

We’re here to do two things. First, to celebrate practitioners, workshops, and events in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia that offer healing services and events. 

Along with that, we’re here to bring people together – especially bringing practitioners & teachers together with you and your spiritual needs and journey.

Glad you’re along for the journey!

Peace & light & love,
Ian Byington, editor

The Sacred Ki.jpg

The Sacred Ki

Orgonite Pyramids & other Happy Shapes

I create Organe (aka Ki, Chi, Universal Life Force, Prana) cleansing devices in various shapes and sizes to improve the energy of a space by combatting the output of common environmental tools (computers, cell phones, electronic towers) as well as increasing negative ions which are beneficial to all living beings.  Each is made with Love and Intention.
I am also a Reiki Master &  Access Bars Practitioner. See you at the Expo!

Bob and Wynter Parksville Close Up.jpg

Wynter's Wellness - Nikken

Healthy Lifestyle Products - Nikken
Wynter & Bob

Wynter has an extensive background in healing modalities. 24 years ago, she was introduced to a Japanese company called Nikken.  Nikken incorporates an overall approach to a healthy lifestyle for all age groups. After improving her health, she became passionate about empowering others to improve their health and well being using the Nikken technologies...simple and affordable.  Bob joined in 2014 after experiencing more energy, better sleep and improved health.  At the time Bob had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 2 years to live.  He is currently experiencing a full and happy life.

Terry Andersen.jpg

Terry Andersen

Medical Intuitive, Controlled Remote Viewing, Psychic Medium Readings

"CHILDHOOD SENSITIVITIES" As a child I saw the energetic frequencies of trees, plants, animals and people.  Departed loved ones sitting on my bed communicating with me. "MY CALLING" I provide profoundly accurate intuitive services beyond traditional methods.  A sudden near death experience (NDE) left me "extraordinarily intuitive" with the ability to decode frequencies in every area.  Years of training with experts around the world helped me home & apply my abilities, which I use to help others. 
A sudden NDE let to an out-of-body experience outside time/space with 3 beings who showed me a past & future life review the resulted in a change of consciousness & personality and left me with remarkable abilities to see into people's lives and bodies, preview future events with people I had yet to meet, communicate with departed souls & so much more...

West Coast Pure_edited.jpg

West Coast Pure

Essential Oils, Jewelry, Natural Body Care Products & Incense Resins

I love to create natural health and wellness products to balance and enhance your life.  Using all natural products I create body butters, face care, essential oil blends and wellness roll ons.  I also design diffuser jewelry in which can naturally diffuse essential oils all day long.



Polymer Clay Creations
Carol & Bruce

Polygems is based in Victoria, BC and started business in 2010.  We specialize in polymer clay jewelry and creations.
The draw to polymer clay is its versatility. It is light, durable, and highly customizable, which opens a world of possibility. Journals, wands, jewellery, pens, incense holders and so much more...
Creating a new piece  has always been about experimentation, playing with colours and texture.  The flexibility of polymer clay  give our products a unique flair that set them apart from others.
While polymer clay will always be the first love, original paintings have recently been added to the mix. We are also using those paintings for greeting cards

forest crystals 2.jpg

Forest Crystals

Seth & Chris

At the end of a grey day of tree planting on the West Coast of British Columbia in 2015, as we were walking out towards the road to go home, the sun came out and at our feet the ground lit up. These were only fractures of the beauty that lay hidden within the soil and bedrock. Over the coming months, we carefully dug up the trail of natural wonders, finding more and more beautiful and diverse phantom quartz crystal specimens to raise from the ground. In the Fall of 2016 we discovered our first vug from which the trail of crystals had flowed over the past hundreds of thousands of years. This opening in the bedrock has revealed these amazing phantom quartz clusters that we are able to offer you.

Dava Caldwell.JPG

Chanting Class Beadworks

Sandalwood Malas & Bracelets

I make Sandalwood Malas and bracelets used for meditation or mantra practices.  All Malas are 108 beads. They can be used for practice or energetic beauty.  My sandalwood and semi-precious beads(and silver) have been purchased in India where I just spent 3 months in a Yoga Shala, in Mysuru. I also craft tree balms and beeswax candles for the practice of Abhyanga.



Thalia Christou_edited.jpg

Victoria Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion

Thalia is a registered acupuncturist and an avid outdoors enthusiast. She started off studying Geography and Environmental Studies, but after some time and a dedicated yoga practice she found her passion was exploring the internal environment of the body. This led her to Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, and she graduated from Pacific Rim College in 2017. She uses acupuncture, massage, cupping, and gua sha to restore the body's innate intelligence to heal itself and sustain health and harmony.
What attracted Thalia to Chinese Medicine was its holistic nature in that it treats the body, mind, and spirit. Everything is connected and she is interested in finding the root of health problems and treating from there. Traditional Chinese medicine is thousands of years old and has stood the test of time, and she is excited and honored to have the opportunity to explore, practice, and share this truly amazing medicine.
Thalia has experience treating menstrual disorders, digestive problems, chronic and acute pain in the body, stress, anxiety and depression, as well as helping women with their health through pregnancy. Thalia also practices acu-sculpting cosmetic acupuncture which can help firm, lift, tighten, and shape the skin on the face and body, targeting cellulite and sagging skin as well as facial rejuvenation.

Amy Martyn.jpg

Amy Martyn Holistic Healing Practitioner

Energy Healing & Vision Coaching

Are you wanting to feel relief from back, neck or shoulder pain? Are you wanting to heal from past emotional trauma?  are you wanting to evolve spiritually? 
With the incredible healing power of Quantum Touch, living authentically & loving yourself & others, ALL is possible!
Amy Martyn & Randy Zonnis will pair together to give you an empowering mini session (20 min for $20) and will explain how you can be set free to live blissfully happy.  Through surrendering your ego and allowing for love to fill your being, healings can happen instantaneously!

melanie Langman.jpg

Wellness with Melanie

Thai Yoga Massage

A firm believer in listening to your own body, and finding out how it likes to move.  She brings this into all aspects of her life and into her wellness practice - including reiki, yoga therapy, yoga, GROOVE and Thai Yoga Therapy.  Along her journey she has studied for her RYT-500, Reiki Master and received her Navina Thai Yoga Principle certification.

Elinor Bazar_edited.jpg

NeurAlive Technologies inc.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

A Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified NeurOptimalTrainer. She is also the worker of NeurAlive Technologies, a new neurofeedback clinic in the heart of Oak Bay.  With a mission to relieve suffering and aid personal transformation one brain at a time, NeurAlive offers NeurOptimal Neurofeedback to people of all ages for personal development, peak performance and relief from symptoms associated with a a variety of mental emotional and physical challenges.


Mary's Gems & Beads

Necklaces, Bracelets, Geodes, Crystal & Tarot Decks

I am originally from Scotland and have always been interested in stones for their healing properties. I  LOVE ALL Crystals & Gems, so I started my own business and have a studio in Sooke. My Road travelled is to continue to learn more about the precious gems of the Earth.


Enchanted Power Light Therapy


It is a form of light therapy that is referred to Meditative Wonderland with many reported benefits.  The light access the pineal gland through closed eyelids and brings many into a world of never before seen colours and geometries... the artistry of your inner consciousness.  Many of my clients refer to their experience as a transcendental experience.  The light consists of white light that flashes at varying intervals and intensities and was created by a psychologist and neurologist after years of research into light and the brain.  There is much more to it and there is a lot of information on my website regarding it.


Lori Prophet Energy Worker

Reiki & Crystal Therapy
Healing Stone Jewellery

Lori Prophet - Energy Worker, IPHM, CRA-SM, Cert Crystal Healing, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cert Professional Dowser; is accredited with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and a student member with the Canadian Reiki Association. 

She is an Energy Worker practising Crystal Healing, Reiki, Dowsing, and makes Energy Healing Jewelry. She is currently studying at the Master Dowser level with Master Dowser Maria Wheatley of the UK. Lori was recently called on by the Archangels to channel their energy into her healing work and now offers Reiki with Archangels. Lori practices Earth Magic and calls on the elements to bless the Energy Healing Jewelry that she makes

Yoga on the Beach

t b a

Carolyne Taylor



Sacred Silence

I am a Psychic, Medium and an Inntuitive Healer – my focus is healing people with empowerment through spiritual guidance and card readings.


All of my life I have been aware of something special, let’s say a gift that others did not have. Unfortunately, I suppressed it for way too long. Now, I am fortunate to have the people and opportunities in my life that allow me to nurture this spirit inside and share it with those who need the healing.
My background is in Reiki, chakras, auras and medium work. My intentions are always focused on the healing of our energy fields and how to get past any blockages we may have created.
I am an intuitive reader and healer and I work on all three levels of a person being: emotional, spiritual and physical. I have been gifted with the ability to communicate and sense a person’s energy, even from thousands of miles away. I believe in energy reading with cards to help a person get a tangible insight or perspective on possible changes for their life.
I am also a medium and can hear, see and feel spirit during my readings. If they present themselves I will let the person know. As I know how important it is to connect with loved ones who have passed over. Remember, we are all human beings and sometimes we just need that spiritual counselling to get us through.

Solar Eclipse

The Hedgewitch Collective

Candy & Tori - pendulum and shamanic readings.

Candy has been reading professionally for more than 20 years. She will cast the runes to help you uncover your gifts, divine your future and look at how your past may be influencing the direction of your life. The future is not written in stone – we know that reflection and intention can unlock potential. Candy is known for bringing patience, grace, and empathy to her readings. She applies the lens that it is a privilege to be invited in as part of one’s personal journey.

Tori learned pendulum divination from her grandmother. Pendulums can tell you much more than just a yes or no answer. A pendulum is a very compelling and credible tool for connecting to your guides. Tori will use her pendulums to bring clarity to your questions about your health, your relationships and your career.  


Rob O'Neill

Author -The book launched first one year ago in Ireland where it enjoyed a growing popularity – it now can be found at book stores in Victoria and up the island (Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville).

Did you ever feel:
Though I’m constantly busy: “Is there not more to life than this?” 

Utilizing a daily practice of walking the labyrinth; the author, via the lens of self-exploration, questions life and life responds, with questions of its own.

Each chapter unfolds various life related “themes,” and provides a series of suggested questions that could be used to initiate one’s own self-assessment.

The insights shared, are derived directly through this process.

The author shares authentically his experiences – before, during and beyond the 40 day practice.

Through a forty-day process the author examines “the Sacred”

  • What is it?

  • Why should I care?

  • Sacred for the “non-religious”

  • Expanding the definition of “Sacred”

  • The sacred & service

  • “Self-serving” as a sacred practice

  • Self-love/Sacred v.s. “Selfish”

  • My sacred is okay – Your sacred is okay!


Carol Bray Pippard - psychic medium

Psychic Meduimship Readings

Carol is an up and coming Medium who believes that Mediumship is a life- long process to perfect the skills necessary to be an instrument for Spirit and the people in need of inspiration. 
With over 20 years of experience, Carol can help you work through issues and look into future possibilities for you. Carol is guided by Spirit to see, feel and simply know information pertinent to you. 
Carol was born seeing and hearing Spirit. As a child she shut down these gifts to participate in the physical world. Her gifts were reawakened while her Mother was gravely ill in ICU for six weeks. Carol was inspired by Spirit to find ways to help her.

Norris Headshot_edited.jpg

Three Point Fitness

Norris -Offering Personal 1 on 1 Training, Online Coaching and Workout Programming

Norris Wass-Little has completed his Diploma in Exercise and Wellness along with becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, one of Canada’s highest recognized organizations.

Norris is know excited to be pursuing his dream of running his own business helping other start and continue their fitness and health related goals.