Who you met at the Expo

Saturday Sept 16th 2018

The information provided below has been provided by each individual exhibitor.  
If you have any questions please contact them with the links provided.

Stone Tower

Sand & Sea Design Company

Hand Crafted Jewellery, Meditation Malas & Goats Milk Soap
Allison & Geoff

Our family based company started in the Summer of 2016.  We make crystal & semi-precious stone jewellery, mala necklaces to help you meditate and a wonderful handcrafted goats milk soap.  Check out our website for products and details.

Whyte Spryte 1_edited.jpg

Whyte Spryte Silver Creations

Hand Crafted Sterling Jewellery

A talented silversmith who uses her personal flair to create beautiful & unique healing stone jewellery.

Valerie couture.jpg

Relaxation of the Soul


I am a certified Reiki level 2 practitioner. I have the privilege of loving what I do! I have a quiet and comfortable Reiki Studio set up in my home. Reiki is a beautiful way to relax and release pain as well last the stress of everyday life.

Valerie Couture



Hidden Gem Logo.jpg

Hidden Gem Metaphysical Store

Crystals, Cards, Books, Crowns, Jewellery & More 
Dawn & Elena

Hidden Gem is more than just a shop, it is a metaphysical centre that offers workshops, events, gatherings and heavenly treatments that will help you to relax, unwind and let go.


Inner Shifting Venture -Awakening the Healer Within

Meditation CD's & Crystals

Tracy Davies' healer has been unfolding within her for over a quarter century now. She creates artwork that is infused with frequencies and or to Shift Energy Patterns. This in turns shifts energy and creates healing. Her highest rule of thumb is to honor what wants to happen.


Coldmoon Oils & Enchantments

Tarot & Oracle Reading, Crystals, Books, Jewellery  & More.

Julia will bring us new and handmade ritual items destined for those on a spiritual path.  Including wands, staffs, herbal blends & crystals


Soley for the Soul

Reiki Services, Pendulums, Chakra Sets & Handmade Pens
Nancy & Larry

We are a husband and wife team doing energy healing for the soul.  Along our spiritual path we discovered Reiki.  

we wanted to enhance our own healing then decided that we should share the benefits of Reiki with others.  We also like to craft , trying our hand at various creative endeavours.  We share our home with two lovely cats, Merlin & Panda.

Hyggelig logo.jpg

Hyggelig Aromatherapy

Certified Aromatherapist
Birgit Salling

Pronounced "hew-ga-lee" this Danish word basically means "cozy and comfortable", that wonderful sensation of feeling content and safe. My goal as a fully trained and certified Aromatherapist is to create an ambiance within my treatments and enhanced by my products that will inspire and infuse this "hyggelig" feeling.

Louise Brunet3.jpg

Sparkles And Dirt
Awakening Soul Connection - Empowering Inner Strength

Animal Communication & Reiki
Louise Brunet

Louise is an intuitive and life coach. As a coach she specializes in transformation and empowerment for women by accessing inner strength and through soul awakening and connection to all life force energy. 

As an intuitive for animals and nature, she offers animal communication and forest healing experiences. Louise is a reiki master, animal reiki specialist, and an MBA with over 20 years experience teaching and coaching in wellness and inspired living. She brings a straightforward and fun approach to working with Spirit.

“The animals and trees are asking us to awaken, to connect. They know we can heal ourselves and therefore our whole world." – Louise


Dancing With Life Body & Soul

Cindy -Intuitive Activation Healing

Unlock the secrets of your soul: Open to your deepest self with Cindy Thompson, BSN, CCT. I am looking forward to the opportunity to activate and open the doorways of your heart and soul to your deepest truth and knowing.  I have been in the alternative healing world for over 20 year, a certified Craniosacral Therapist for over 15 years, and a Certified Heart IQ Practitioner and Relationship coach.  I will be doing mini 20 minute intuitive activation Healing sessions throughout the day.  The sessions will integrate Craniosacral Therapy, Acutonics Sound
healing and Crystal Light Healing . This will help to release tension and stress throughout your nervous system mind, energetic, emotional and physical bodies . I am here to help you remember who you were before the world told you to be something else.

Bridge over Waterfall

Catch A Star Studio

Awesome Products- Jewellery, crystal wands, stone work and more

As an award winning jeweller, Sue has been creating for over 30 years. H er studio is located beside a waterfall, set amongst towering trees and mossy out cropping.  She loves what she does and the energy of the natural materials she uses inspires her creations.

Wonder Full Living.jpg

Wonder Full Living

Intuitive health readings through hand massage

My name is Helen Dougherty and I have over 30 years of experience in working with people to change their lives for the better and I am passionate about doing the same for you! I started this journey on myself, realizing that I was not living authentically and I was hiding behind fear and a mask that helped protect me from the big, bad world. I believed the programming that I had to act a certain way to be accepted in the work world and even with my friends. I never truly knew who I was. One day life just pushed me to change how I was living – actually it had been pushing me for years, I just got really good at ignoring it. My back was in constant pain, my allergies had to be controlled by taking a pill everyday, I often caught a cold or just felt blah, and I was unhappy. My wake up call was when I was asked what I wanted and my answer was “I don’t know. I have put myself second for so long, that I truly do not know what I want.” This woke something up inside of me that only a journey of self-discovery into my authentic self, would honor. And that is why I am here to show you that you are worth honoring and that together, we can bring you out into the light!

Forest Crystals.jpg

Forest Crystals

Vancouver Island Crystals

At the end of a grey day of tree planting on the West Coast of British Columbia in 2015, as we were walking out towards the road to go home, the sun came out and at our feet the ground lit up. These were only fractures of the beauty that lay hidden within the soil and bedrock. Over the coming months, we carefully dug up the trail of natural wonders, finding more and more beautiful and diverse phantom quartz crystal specimens to raise from the ground. In the Fall of 2016 we discovered our first vug from which the trail of crystals had flowed over the past hundreds of thousands of years. This opening in the bedrock has revealed these amazing phantom quartz clusters that we are able to offer you.


Okanese Transformative Studio

Native Seer, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual counselor, Tarot reader, Reiki Master

Isabel Okanese is a 4th generation psychic and natural-born healer that comes from inter-generational Medicine People (Shamans from mid-1800s). She’s a 45 year old Oji-Cree from the Turtle Clan. Isabel has been practicing her Traditional culture since 1989. Isabel believes being a First Nations woman is what makes her so spiritually gifted. Her earliest memories are of Spirits; playing, visiting with them and even directing ghosts to the Spirit World. Witnessing and receiving information from Spirit is what makes Isabel’s readings so comforting and healing.

Deepam .jpg

Deepam Rebalancing

Profoundly Restorative Bodywork

"Osho Rebalancing is a synthesis of several therapeutic modalities, including Postural Integration, Rolfing, Traeger, Deep-tissue Massage, Cranial Sacral Balancing and Alexander techniques. 

Having spent four winters in India training in the healing arts, Deepam is also a qualified practitioner of Usui Reiki healing (Level II), Osho Pulsation (neo-Reichian emotional release breathwork), and Osho Tibetan Pulsing Healing.

In addition to her private practice, she leads writing and yoga retreats both in Canada and internationally."

Fern leaf

Lane Moon

Awesome Products- Wands, Ritual Boards

Elaine likes all things handcrafted and uses as much found natural products as she can in her crafts.   the boards and wands are made with love and are infused with the energy of the Elements.

Tree Trunk

Beach Finds


Jewellery inspired by the beach.


Sage, Soul, and Spirit Intuitive Healing


My name is Sharie Bonin. I have been reading cards Intuitively for 40 years. I love to try to help people heal and love. I have read for many, many people over the years and am now teaching The Art of Reading tarot and Cartomancy. The cards are an infinite source of information that allows you to tap into your higher self, guides, guardians, angels and loved ones who have passed. The cards are never wrong and are always willing to answer questions. I also read crystals so if you would rather pick some of my stones....... Either way will give you the messages needed at that time. Love and Light. Sharie.

Debra Thomlinson.jpg

Mystic Intuitive Services

Tarot Readings

Tarot, palm reading, intuitive counselling, psychic ability classes, tarot work shop, clairvoyant readings, crystal knowledge, medical intuitive and witch craft. Email readings, messenger, in person, phone readings.

Spirited Gifts PNG 1.png

Sprited Gifts

Crystals, Cards, Books and more...

Erica  birthed into the metaphysical industry in 2012 when she began to train in Reiki and Crystal Therapy. Her love of Access Bars® burgeoned after a life transforming "Bars®"   session with Casey Mulcaster in 2015. She carried on to train as a Practitioner in 2016 and to become a Facilitator in 2017; now offering Practitioner Certification classes monthly.  

 Erica would love to help you tap into your own individual healing so that you might learn many new ways to strengthen your connection to your higher selves and your Divinity. She would like to share as much as she can of her journey and experiences with you to create deep community connections and remind us that we are all one. 


Spirit of Victoria

Ian & Josie

We’re here to do two things. First, to celebrate practitioners, workshops, and events in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia that offer healing services and events. 

Along with that, we’re here to bring people together – especially bringing practitioners & teachers together with you and your spiritual needs and journey.

Do you have a story to share? An event to tell people about? A service you offer? 

And there’s more: Drop by our listing of practitioners' events, stores, teachers, and things of the spirit at our sister site, the Spirit of Victoria News

It includes a calendar as well, and is a main portal to both our Facebook page and weekly email newsletter. Take a peek at our blog, too!

Our mission statement: We’re here to share & heal.

Glad you’re along for the journey!

Peace & light & love,
Ian Byington, editor


Healing Hikes - Intuitive Healing


Offering unique Reiki and advanced energy healing treatments attuned to each individual's needs. A powerful experience to heal the body/mind/spirit


137 Gems


137 Gem Rocks!!! Come check out my plethora of silver-smithed and wire wrapped jewellery as well as my rare and unique crystal specimens.


Happy Souls

Tina - Angel Card Reader & Animal Communication

My name is Tina Kurucz and I am an Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner and Angel Card Reader.

I started my spiritual journey in helping others by performing angel card readings for friends and family. I enjoy doing angel cards as they assist me to connect with spirit and allow me to assist others to find clarity and/or closure in their lives.

As a child I was able to see and sense spirit and for most of my life, I have been able to connect with animals and have been able to sense what they needed.

In 2012 I heard about “Animal Communication” courses that were taught by Georgina
Cyr. After attending the courses, I found I was able to properly focus my gifts and skills in connecting with animals, both past and present. I could see and feel what they felt! This allowed me to be able to communicate information between pets and their owners. This was an amazing experience! I then completed courses, offered by Georgina Cyr, on Iridology for humans and animals. These courses allowed me to further assist into aiding people, as well as animals, on their path to health and well being.

In 2015, my quest for spiritual knowledge led me to register and complete classes in Reiki. I am now currently a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, working with both people and animals, and I am looking forward to becoming a Reiki Master. I feel that my Reiki skills meld beautifully with my card reading and animal communication skills and help me to connect and bring clarity to my readings.

I feel that life is an amazing journey and by having an open accepting attitude of the world and all of its inhabitants is what makes this an amazing place to live.


Blissful Soul Holistic Wellness.

Iris - Intuitive Energy Massage

I am Iris Sirianni. I am a healer and believe that when we take care of our spiritual and physical bodies we heal ourselves and raise our vibration.  This gives us more love to send out into the world.

I have a tranquil space right here in Langford and am trained in Intuitive Energy Massage (IEM), Access Bars and Reiki.


Elemental Tarot


Born and brought up in Nova Scotia, Kelly has had conversations with Spirit since she was a

young child. When she asked her Irish Grandmother about it, she said “Oh the voices...yes, I hear them all the time too. I try not to look but you know it is said that Queen Victoria heard them too, so if it’s ok for her it’s fine for us.” She later took her Grandmother’s advice and ignored the voices for many years.

As time has gone on and age and knowledge has improved, she started working on psychic self-development through a variety of ways. Now she works as a Professional Aromatherapist (2005), Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor and Tarot reader; channeling and communicating since about 2010. She uses her knowledge and skills in yoga, aromatherapy, and spirituality to continue her work and study. She has several other certifications: Professional Aromatherapist (2005), Yoga (YTT200), Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki I and II, Logosynthesis Basic, Mediumship Development.


Universal Healing for the Soul

Kelly - Oracle Card Readings

My name is Kelly Victoria Mitchell. I work full time as a Montessori Teacher and Early Childhood Educator. Although I have always been interested in spirituality and self-development, it wasn’t until this year that I started branching out and exploring my intuition deeper. I began the year by giving 100 free readings to people by distance, and slowly started to grow my confidence and strength in my intuition.  I believe we create our own reality and these readings are guidance posts, not fortune telling. I am here only to transmit messages from spirit and the universe. My passion and purpose is simply to help as many people as possible and raise the vibration of our planet.

Love and Light



Linnea-Psychic Medium & Spiritual Councelor


In 2005, Linnea came into her calling as a Psychic Medium, and conveyer of messages of spirit .  The focus of the readings are messages of hope, healing, and self-empowerment. 

She is an engaging workshop facilitator with an honest, 

down to earth approach manifested by her unique sense of humor. 

Being blessed with the ability to have free will we all have many paths we can choose. Connecting with spirit to provide guidance and answers, 

she uncovers what we can do to change our probable outcomes to create the lives that we were destined to have.

 As a perpetual student of ancient religions, customs and beliefs, she is cross-trained in many sectors to have a greater body of information to pass on to the client as relate able and meaningful to the individual.

As a natural Soul Journeyer, Linnea has the gift of travelling between the worlds practicing  Shamanic Soul Retrieval, exorcisms and entry removals . 

 Shamanic Soul Retrieval is the ancient practice of reintegrating the person with parts of themselves that have been fragmented or lost due to trauma: physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature. Soul Retrieval is a very important foundation of any healing. 

The lost piece of your soul also takes a piece of your energetic body with it, leaving a hole in your aura. 

 It cannot be fully healed without the missing pieces being brought back to wholeness. 

Soul retrieval helps you find and reintegrate those fragmented pieces for a deeper level of healing.


EcoHuman Health

Bree - Holistic Health Practitioner

EcoHuman Health was founded by Bree and Brad Rudner to expand wellness beyond the kitchen and gym. As a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, respectively, the Rudner’s integrate evolutionary biology, nature-based practices and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to support healing and improve function for the mind, body and spirit. 

Bree and Brad are also certified Bioenergy therapists.

Not only have they achieved results with the people they work with but they have also found lasting success in overcoming their own health challenges naturally. Bree and Brad have been able to thrive beyond their diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.


Dr Donna Ogden ND

Naturopathic Doctor as well as Kundalini Yoga Teacher and University Biology Instructor, parent, and nature lover.

Licensed in Canada and BC to practice acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counselling, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy. Practicing in Sooke, BC.




Promotion & Connection
Ian & Josie

We’re here to do two things. First, to celebrate practitioners, workshops, and events in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia that offer healing services and events. 

Along with that, we’re here to bring people together – especially bringing practitioners & teachers together with you and your spiritual needs and journey.

Glad you’re along for the journey!

Peace & light & love,
Ian Byington, editor